Amazon’s CloudFront CDN Configuration

What is Amazon CloudFront?

Amazon CloudFront is a web service which can be used to deliver static files like images, css, javascript or streaming content using a global network of edge locations.
If you have customers from Asia which requests your site in the US they get routed to the nearest edge location, so the content is delivered with the best possible performance.

Step 1: Create the CloudFront distribution

Access CloudFront from the Amazon Web Services Management Console here:

select “Create Distribution”. CloudFront will now generates then a domain for you to use. In our example it generates:

Step 2: Configure Magento

If the test works, the next step is to update your Magento system configuration in order to use Cloudfront. Navigate to System > Configuration > General > Web, and you’ll see an area called Unsecure.

Once you’ve saved this configuration, any requests to for images, css or javascript are routed to the newly configured CDN urls. If a request object doesn’t exist on Cloudfront, Cloudfront will go to it’s origin server (you’re regular site) fetch the object and cache it across all of the Cloudfront server. Magento Ecommerce Development India


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