Components in a subversion system

Subversion’s Components

  1. svn : The command-line client program.
  2. svnversion: A program for reporting the state (in terms of revisions of the items present) of a working copy.
  3. svnlook: A tool for directly inspecting a Subversion repository.
  4. svnadmin: A tool for creating, tweaking, or repairing a Subversion repository. Web Development Company India
  5. mod_dav_svn: A plug-in module for the Apache HTTP Server, used to make your repository available to others over a network.
  6. svnserve: A custom standalone server program, runnable as a daemon process or invokable by SSH; another way to make your repository available to others over a network.
  7. svndumpfilter: A program for filtering Subversion repository dump streams.
  8. svnsync: A program for incrementally mirroring one repository to another over a network.
  9. svnrdump: A program for performing repository history dumps and loads over a network.
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