Factual – Getting the data from factual

Factual is a data platform open to everyone and its developed to maximize data accuracy and transparency by obtaining data input from real time. It provides access to its data through web service APIs and reusable, customisable Web Applications.

Factual data can be obtained using various programming languages. A wrapper class has to be written for the factual api in the specific programming language to retrieve the data. Once registered with factual you will obtain your API keys (key and secret key) that is specific to each user. Only on authentic these keys data can fetched from factual.

Factual currently has three levels of API access:

  • Free (unverified) – Up to 100 read requests per day. No access to resolve or write APIs.
  • Free (verified) – Up to 10,000 requests per day for most tables. This is the limit listed under the free limit column, below. Unverified free accounts can be upgraded to the verified level here.
  • Premium – Custom limits to accommodate all your high volume needs.

Data as per our request like first 10 data, within a limit, particular category, top ranked etc can be queried and obtained.It also has crosswalk for places that help to translate between Factual IDs, third party IDs, and URLs that represent the same entity across the internet. Web Development India

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