Flat Design

Flat Design – What , Pros and Cons

Flat design is a minimalistic design approach currently used by many graphical designers that emphasizes usability. It’s a shift toward simple, minimal interfaces. It eliminates drop shadows, beveled edges, gradients, and other 3D elements. It’s the practice of creating familiarity by making digital elements look like things in the physical world.

Flat design reverts back to the basics of design as a functional tool. A website is designed and judged by how well it works, as opposed to what it looks like.

How to do it

To design an effective flat site, all design elements must be centered on this idea of simplicity.

Solid, vivid colors give aspects the emphasis needed to set them apart in place of illustrative detail; sans serif typography provides a clean, crisp supplement to illustrations; text is concise and to-the-point; UI elements like buttons and links are clear and noticeable.

Everything should be designed with the same goal in mind to create a cohesive visual and functional web design.

When exploring flat design in your work, make sure to design every aspect with a minimalistic and user-centric perspective to ensure a unified interface. Once you’ve successfully done this, your users will appreciate the functional nature of your Website Design.

Flat design does have its problems and detractors. If all interface elements are truly flat, how do we identify what parts are interactive and what is decoration? Buttons and panels can look the same.

This by no means should be a deterrent — you can design around these potential limitations. The great thing about using flat elements is that it tends to give your final look a clean and minimalistic feel. Flat design look is also so simple that you are often able to combine various trends without your design appearing cluttered.

There are some issues that flat design poses but fans of minimalism and simplicity will definitely appreciate what the trend has to offer and hopefully will find a workaround.

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