Flat Design – The Best of It

The flat design is an emerging design style that uses flat shapes and icons. It basically revolves around the use of rectangles, circles, triangles and others shapes with the absence of other design elements like shadows, strokes and gradients. Flat User Interfaces have been in demand for quite some time. Today, most of the new websites follow flat designs as their new style guide. Basically, the flat design style is rooted on two principles: simplicity and readability. Responsive Web Design

Let look into few of the basic features of a flat design:

  1. Choose Simple Backgrounds: Forget about loud images or playful brick-wall patterns. In flat design, you need to stick to plain, smooth colours or very subtle colour patterns.
  2. Bring in space: Keep your website spacious. Avoid using many components. For example, make the navigation menu look spacious and simple. Designs need to be simple, elegant and attractive.
  3. Bold Colours, Text and Background: Use bold colours for both text as well as background that can make your content standout from rest of the webpage.
  4. Use Clean Fonts: Using clean fonts is one of the most important factors in creating a clean and beautiful design. The text in your website should be readable and clean.
  5. No Shadows and Gradients: Gone are the days when we used CSS shadows and gradients heavily to make web components look closer to the real world. Shadows and gradients are against the Law of Flat designs. In fact, using them can make your website look older.
  6. Bold and Attractive Logo: Your logo should match the flat design of the website. Sometimes using a wrong logo can affect the overall design of the website. Try to make a simple yet effective logo and match the logo font with the fonts used in the website. Also try to use at max 2 colors in the logo. These colors should also follow the same style guide which is followed throughout the website.


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