Mobile App Development – Native vs Phone gap

Its accepted that, the cost of the phone gap development will be less by 20% to 30% in cost when compared with the native development, But following disadvantage are there in the phone gap development.

• UI Quality will not look clearly like native development and communication performance issue with server.

• PhoneGap doesn’t support all built-in phone features.  Because it’s covering multiple platforms, PhoneGap is often one step behind the native platforms when new features are introduced.

• PhoneGap apps look the same in all phone environments.  While they all look and function like a native app, the look is a little more generic—not necessarily like an iPhone app or an Android app. Mobile Application Development

• Poor performance compared to its native counterpart. It’s sluggish. For eg: Buttons don’t respond as quickly as native ones. Often, there are little (or big) UI glitches that make the app feel out of place on iOS. Things sometimes don’t behave as they should in a native app.

• Even though you have lot of plugins, there isn’t for everything. So, If you have to use something which doesn’t have one then you got to build it from scratch. That is going to take a lot of time.

• Different devices support similar functionality not identical, building for all of it is even more money.

• Scalability of the App is not feasible when developed using phone gap.

• Limited Capabilities vs Native.


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