PHP -The best web scripting langague

PHP is traditionally used as a server-side scripting language. There are many web languages which are used for web development or web programming. Among all of them PHP is the most popularly used web scripting language.


1. PHP language has its roots in C and C++. PHP syntax is most similar to C and C++ language syntax. So its easy for the programmer to pick up and it is very easy to create website scripts.

2. PHP has both procedure programming language and OOP language features. This means that programmers from different programming language background can pick up this language within short period of time.

4. PHP is dynamic. PHP works in combination of HTML to display dynamic elements on the page. PHP only parses code within its delimiters, such as. Anything outside its delimiters is sent directly to the output and not parsed by PHP.

5. MySQL is used with PHP as back-end tool. MySQL is the popular online database and can be interfaced very well with PHP. It can be used with a large number of RDBMS, runs on all popular web servers and is available for many different operating systems.

3. PHP runs on both UNIX and Windows servers. It runs in almost all the flavors of Unix and Windows as well as other OS. It is easy for users to find hosting service providers.

6. It has a very powerful library support:. One can easily find functional modules that is need. For eg: PDF, Graph etc.

7. Its Fast and flexible. PHP powers everything from blog to the most popular websites in the world. Websites like yahoo, wikipedia and many others use PHP language. PHP is used by 82.0% of all the websites whose server-side programming language we know.

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