Steps to deploy an Android App in the Google Market

 Step 1: Login to Google play with the registered Google account. You will be redirected to the Google play Developers Console

Step 2: Click on the Add new application button to open a new screen to upload the android apk. Fill in the required data like the Default Language and the Title and click on Upload  APK.

Step 3: On click of the upload APK button it will open a space for the particular App to fill in all the required details before uploading the APK to production. Make sure the button on the top right corner is in DRAFT.

Step 4: Under the LHS there are various tabs namely APK, Store Listing, Pricing and Distribution, In-app products, Services & APIs and Optimisation tips. Click on the tab Store Listing and fill in all the required details wrt the app to be published.Android Application Development
The important and mandatory data that has to be filled under this section are:

  1. Title
  2. Short Description
  3. Full Description
  4. Screenshot of the App flow (important screens alone). If needed we can add the screen for the tabs also.
  5. Hi Resolution App icon
  6. Application Type
  7. Category
  8. Content Rating
  9. Website
  10. Email

Once done click on the save button next to the STORE LISTING in the main page to save the data.

Step 5: Next move on to the Pricing & Distribution tab and fill in the required details that are listed below:

  1.  Since this is free App, select the option for the field The application is as Free.
  2.  Distribute in Countries – Select the countries in which the App needs to be distributed. If the App has to be distributed globally then select all the country option.

Step 6: Next move on to the APK tab. It has three options Production, Beta and Alpha. Under the Production option tab it has the option to upload the APK to the production. Click on the button Upload APK to Production.

Step 7: Using the browse file option upload the APK file into the drop box. This will allow uploading only the APK file and will not allow uploading files with any other extension. Once the APK file is uploaded only then the below two buttons Publish now to production and Save draft will be enabled.

Click on the Save draft button to upload the APK in the later stage o production. Or click on the Publish now to production button to upload it immediately into production server. Web Development India
Once uploaded into production under the Production options in the APK tab it will show the version as 1 (on first time upload). It will increase automatically each time that we upload a new APK to reflect any new change in the android App.

Step 8: Once all the data pertaining to the android App is updated correctly change the option Draft on the top right corner to publish. Once this is done the App will be listed in the developer console dashboard.
It will take min of 16 to 24 hrs for the published app to be ready to download from the google market.

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