Steps for Securing WordPress Website

Most website admin think that they have to protect the website and its files. Its a clear NO.

The major responsibility of a website admin is to protect the user or customer data. Most of this data lives in your MySQL database, which servers as the back-end for WordPress. So the order of protection is

1. Protect the customer data

2. Protect the website

Listed below are few of the noted points that needs to be considered for securing the wordpress website:

1. Only Install Trusted Software.

2. Updating Core, Themes and Plugins on regular basis.

3. Provide the correct File Permissions and the WordPress Directory Structure.

4. Strong Passwords to Protect Against Attacks – Use a Unique Username and Secure Password.

5. Disable Trackbacks and Pingbacks.

6. Hide PHP Errors and prevent PHP Execution.

7. Prevent Information Disclosure like disclosing your directory list.

8. Never Use Plain Old FTP. Instead use SSH and SFTP.

9. Run a HTTPS-only Website.

10. Installing a WordPress Firewall.

11. Use Logs to Detect and Avoid Attacks. Make sure to secure Other Applications, Logs and Files on the Same Server.

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