Product Advertising API – Amazon

The Product Advertising API provides programmatic access to Amazon’s products so that anyone with programmatic knowledge can advertise Amazon products on to their website.

The Product Advertising API helps advertise Amazon products using look up items, product information and features such as Customer Reviews, Similar Products, Wish Lists and New and Used listings.

How the Product Advertising API works

  1. Your website uses the Product Advertising API to bring out the necessary information about the amazon product, which you present to your customers on your website.
  2. Customers shop on your web site.
  3. When the customer is ready to purchase the items, your website sends a request to the Product Advertising API and Amazon completes the purchase by getting purchase information, such as payment method and shipping address, and then Amazon fulfills the order by shipping the items.

Amazon has provided a unique identification number namely ASIN (Amazon Standard Item Number) for each of the product. So the developers with the help of the ASIN can get the details of the required product.

If the product is a configurable product it means that it has variation (eg: a shoe comes in different color and size). In this case if the shoe has 2 colors and 4 sizes then each color and size combination is called as variation. Here each variation has its own ASIN. In the above said example it will have 8 variations and each will have its own ASIN. So in order to get the variation details the ASIN of the parent has to be looked up and from it all the child details has to be fetched.

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