Setting Up Subversion Server on Ubuntu

Step 1: Installing the Subversion package

#apt-get install subversion

Step 2:  Configure Subversion Directory

#mkdir –p  /home/svn/repository

Step 3: Configure Subversion group

#groupadd svn

#chgrp svn /home/svn/repository

#chmod g+rw /home/svn/repository

(you need to make sure that all new files and directories created in the repos directory (in other words, anything committed to the repositories) will also be owned by the group)

#chmod g+s /home/svn/repository

#usermod –a –G svn user1 (Assign users to svn group)

#usermod –a –G svn user2 (Assign users to svn group)

Step 4: Creating a New repository

#svnadmin create /home/svn/repository/test

Step 5: Checkout Repository

#svn checkout file:///home/svn/repository/test

Output: Checked out revision 0

Step 6: Add new files to Empty repository

#cd test

# echo ‘Hello, World!’ > hello.txt

#svn add hello.txt

Output : A         hello.txt

Step 7 : Commit files

#svn commit -m “Added a ‘hello world’ text file.”

Output :

Adding         hello.txt

Transmitting file data .

Committed revision 1.  Website Maintenance Services 

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