Things to Consider When developing a Mobile App

The world is quickly shifting away from the desktop to mobile devices, it is no wonder that every company wants to increase their brand exposure. In the world of mobile app development, you might feel like at some point you’ll overlook something crucial.

1.      Is it really needed?

If the answer is “a mobile app would be attractive” you may have fulfilled a desire, but you haven’t solved a business problem. If your purpose for developing a mobile app is to only increase your brand impressions and grow your potential client list, think again.

2.      Understand your target users

The next step is to understand your target users, their goals and requirements, and the technologies they use. This process includes researching the platforms your users are most likely utilizing, then understanding the user experience. Every device is different, and every user has multiple needs. So accordingly the App has to be destined for its purpose.

3.      Pick a platform

Developing an app is a costly process so naturally, we have to consider the platform suitable for our purpose. We can launch our mobile app on both Android and iOS at the same time with a fully featured native app. In reality, you’ll have to consider which platform to launch on first, and each has their own set of pros and cons. Android is currently the market leader in terms of adoption and retention, but iOS apps are more profitable, so if your strategy is dependent on paid-for apps, then iOS is your best side. Aside from that, there are a number of development points that has to be taken into considerations before choosing a platform.

We must consider the limitations of a carrier’s bandwidth when developing an app with rich media displays; every platform has their own constraints so be aware.

4.      Where Your App Will Be Used

Once you’ve decided to make a native mobile app, you’ll want to consider where your application is most likely going to be used. This is important because where and how an application is used can directly impact how it has to be designed.

For instance, if you have an application that is going to be used while walking around — a geo-location app it’s important to make sure that core app functions are easy to see and access is very important.Mobile Application Development Chennai

Likewise, if your app is an eCommerce one, make sure that the price and the “add to cart” button are large enough so that they can be easily accessed.

5.      What about offline support?

What is your app going to do when there is no internet connection? While some apps don’t require internet access for normal behaviour, some do. Things that might not work while offline include sharing, linking, analytics, and file access/transfer. The app should be compatible to handle online and offline detection and event handling.

6.      Optimize the app to provide value

After launch, gain even better insight into how users are interacting with the app features. This means analyzing screen flows and moving users through conversion funnels to identify where to expand the app and where the value lies. We have find out the exact business point of the App and improvise on it accordingly.

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