Use your website to convert prospects into customers

If you want more milk, get more cows – don’t milk the same old cow. This concept applies to sales and marketing as much as it does to farming. You can increase your sales by attracting more prospects to your business. However, it is obvious that it is more cost effective to convert the prospects your website is already generating. These are simple procedures yet powerful and proven to work in converting online prospects into customers.

Secret Tip Number 1 – Improve your offer

Your prospects do take the time to consider your product or service. However for them to get to the point of calling your business up, giving a credit card number, arrange a sales consultation takes more than just educating your prospects about what is available. One useful way to convert website prospects into customers is by making an enticing, IRRESISTIBLE offer.

You do not always have to compete on price to improve your offer. You may use the power of FREE. Free special report, free handy tips you must know and so on. Also, you may choose to load your offer with bonuses.

Whatever bonus or offer you end up using, you must remember one thing. Your bonuses must have a high PERCIEVED value to your prospects – even if it costs you little or nothing to put together. People are always willing to spend a little more as long as the perceived value is great enough to motivate them to do something.

Always create a sense of urgency with your special offers by using making the special offer time limited. Include an expiration date for your special offer – your prospects must be given the choice to accept the offer NOW! This will motivate the prospect to delay another purchase they had in mind so that they can take advantage of your special offer.

Recap: Create an absolutely irresistible +offer with bonuses. Make sure your offer has an expiration date.

Secret Tip Number 2 – Follow Up! Follow Up! Follow Up!

Statistics show that most prospects will not buy your product / service the first time they hear about it. They won’t even contact you the first time they hear about what you offer. This is where following up on sales leads proves a vital part in increasing your sales.

You may choose to follow up prospects every month or two with a special discount or new offer. Or you may choose to publish a weekly newsletter with information and articles that are related to your product / service.

Problem For Website Owners: Your website visitors have spent some time searching on the search engines for your product or service. They are qualified leads. They WANT what you have to offer. However they may not be ready now. So how do you follow up on your website visitors.

You must establish contact with these prospects. One way to do this is to post a free offer on your website with information such as “Handy Tips and Suggestions” related to your product or service. This free special report must be delivered via email. This way you have captured the email address of your prospects.

What can you offer? Free subscription to your email newsletter, free special report, a source list or other valuable information they cannot get anywhere else.

Try to get your prospect’s first name too. Personalize your email messages.

Recap: Capture contact details of your undecided prospects and follow up!

You will not convert all your prospects – however as mentioned before, if you want more milk you need to find more cows, not milk the same old cow. Take your internet business to the next level by using these two simple but powerful tips. Web Development Company India

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